Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cleaners you use safe for my family?
Clean Connection uses green cleaners and we rinse with just water. Because we rinse with water that is above the boiling point it is sanitizing the carpet and there is no sticky residue.
How long does it take the carpet to dry?
The equipment we use is the top of the line and we also take the time to do a drying stroke which reduces the dry time. We can have the carpets dry in one to four hours depending on the time of year.
How often should I have my furnace and ducts cleaned?
It is recommended to have them cleaned every three to five years. It also depends on location and how often the filters are being changed.
How do I know if I need my furnace and ducts cleaned?
If you have excessive dust in your home or office. If you have pets or have allergies it is a good idea to have Clean Air Connection come out to do a estimate and look over the system at no charge.