In-Home/Office Cleaning

Here's why your carpets will be clean, fresh, soft and odor free.

  • We use top of the line Vortex carpet cleaning trucks...the most powerful and effective carpet cleaning equipment on the planet. Nothing else will get your carpets as clean.
  • We are constantly training in the latest new and green technology and techniques.
  • We use deep steam cleaning which most carpet manufacturers not only recommend, but insist on under their warranties. Nothing cleans your carpets better than steam.
  • Unlike most steam cleaners who use 130 degree steam we use 240 degree steam which kills germs and odor causing bacteria.
  • We use soap free Procyon, the safest, most powerful and advanced carpet and upholstery cleaner in the industry. It is all natural, nontoxic, odor free, biodegradable, colorless, contains no enzymes, no bleach and no soap. It's a greener and more effective way to get your carpets clean. It will leave your carpet and upholstery cleaner, softer and brighter, won't break down natural fibers and leaves no sticky residue.
  • While most carpet cleaners clean in a zig zag pattern that creates V's across your carpet and can miss areas, we actually use a much more effective cross weave pattern where we go back and forth covering every inch of your carpet, then go back across the entire carpet from the other angle actually cleaning much of it twice.
  • We rinse your carpet with pure water. (Many carpet cleaners use an acid rinse so they won't have to extract. This is what makes your carpet turn brown and feel crunchy).
  • We then extract the water leaving nothing behind but a beautiful, fresh, soft and clean carpet.
  • We than rake your carpet for more effective and faster drying and a softer, better looking carpet. When we're done it will look like fresh fallen snow.

We specialize in removing pet stains and odor from carpeting and area rugs.